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Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology (IR) is a radiology specialty which provides minimally invasive image-guided diagnosis and treatment of disease. Although the range of procedures performed by interventional radiologists is broad, the unifying concept behind these procedures is the application of image guidance and minimally invasive techniques to minimise risk to the patient. There are many uses for interventional radiology but in our case used for the treatment of vascular and lymphatic malformations.

This procedure is carried out by a radiologist who is highly skilled in anatomy and image guidance.

The Benefits of IR

Interventional Radiology (IR) is less painful than having regular surgery. Your child will receive a tiny amount of anaesthetic or sedation so that your child will be comfortable and safe.  The incisions or cuts will be small and should leave no scars.  Recovery time for your child will be shorter and it is unlikely that your child will be kept in hospital overnight.  

 IR treatments are image-guided, they can be very precise. 

This helps doctors prevent as much damage as possible to surrounding tissue, organs, and skin.


Prepare your Child

Parents will obviously be anxious when children go into hospital for any procedure and this will often be projected to your child, try not to let your anxieties transfer to your child.

You know your child better than anyone

Talk to your child, explain to them what is going to happen, reassure them everything will be safe.  When you take them into hospital let them take their favourite soft toy or their snuggle blanket.


Page published 22/08/2020