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For families whose children live with Paediatric and Primary Lymphoedema

Within this page we will look at the different topics that parents discuss.  No child will be identified and photographs used will either be stock library photographs or photographs we have permission from the parents to use.


Purpura is associated with congenital lymphoedema and this is a topic that arises from time to time on our support group.

Purpura, it appears the first reaction from GP’s is to refer the child to a dermatologist. The mark initially appeared to be quite large when the child was younger but seems to have shrunk. This is what our parent said, “They wrote it off as a birthmark here was no telling them so we just left the appointment.  The Lymphoedema nurses have never known what it is, and one doctor did tell us that this can happen with compression and its nothing to worry about, other times we have been given antibiotics in case of cellulitis! They always go away. Only by good ole Google again have I found that there is in fact links between purpura and Lymphoedema, usually in small children. It seems to be rare but there are case studies. However Purpura is a symptom of an underlying problem, I can only assume in this case it’s the result of the Lymphoedema and the Compression however I will be taking my child to the doctors to have her urine checked for blood as it can also cause bleeding of organs.  This is not likely the case, but I would rather be safe, my child had them for all the time since being prescribed compression, if there was anything else then there would probably be other symptoms by now.

As is often the case our parent then did her own research and found the following two articles.

Adverse effects of compression in treatment of limb lymphoedema

Purpura - associated with congenital lymphoedema