L-W-O Community

For families whose children live with Paediatric and Primary Lymphoedema

Skin Care

Good skin-care is essential for anyone living with a lymphoedema or a lymphatic malformation.  Keeping skin clean and moisturised is so important to your child's health & well-being.  Preventing skin from becoming dry and itchy is important because if your child starts to scratch then you risk the skin becoming infected and the possibility of your child developing cellulitis. Children will find dirt when they are playing, therefore you need to check for cuts and grazes which you must clean immediately. Gently clean the area of a cut or graze and apply antiseptic.  Watch for any redness, especially if this starts to spread, if you think your child has a temperature this might be the start of cellulitis and you should see your GP, Walk-in centre or A & E.