L-W-O Community

For families whose children live with Paediatric and Primary Lymphoedema

Outdoor Play

Children need to play, very young children rarely stop and they are on the go all the time so it is unlikely that you will need to worry too much whether they are getting enough exercise.

Sensitivities Around Exercise

There are many sensitive issues around telling those living with lymphoedema about needing to exercise especially as we get older.  Mobility problems for lower limbs with lymphoedema create all sorts of problems and constantly telling someone they must exercise is depressing and causes further stress.  

The suggestions in our Get Moving series are designed  for our older members to do at their own pace and level.  In the beginning we encourage them only to do what they feel able to do.  When they feel more confident they can increase the amount you do. 

Exercise is not a word that we use very often in the L-W-O Community but we do use the #getmoving. 

We talk more about movement and encourage our members not to sit or lie still for hours but to shift position every 30 minutes, staying on their feet initially for two minutes building up to five minutes, doing a little more each day.